Daily Archives: 15 June 2015

The Risoux

June 15th

Start:  La Petite Echelle (a small border crossing); finish (on the border): above Bois d’Amont, about 1245 m
Total distance: 32,0 km
Walking time:  8 hours 15 minutes
Vertical distance: 750 m uphill, 630 downhill

A very rainy day.  Well protected against rain and wet vegetation, I walked many hours without seeing anybody.  Near the end, my GPS became erratic and I was soon completely lost.   I followed signs in France and after having taken a wrong forest road, I emerged from the forest at a place I did not recognise and had to ask another hiker where I was.   What a disgrace!  A few extra kilometres (not included in the statistics above).  Fortunately, Sally was able to collect me later.

Night:  Hôtel-Restaurant, La Givrine