Daily Archives: 22 June 2015

First day in the mountains

June 22nd

Start: St-Gingolph; finish: Col de Recon
Distance: 23,8 km
Walking time: 8 hours 50 minutes (and 40 minutes for the stops)
Vertical distance: 2610 m uphill, 1250 m downhill

It was a big climb from Lake Geneva to the summit of Les Cornettes de Bise (2432 m), a height difference of 2050 m over some 15 km.  I took it slowly and finished in 6 1/2 hours (including rests).  The weather was reasonable, but very windy.  The rucksack was heavier than usual – Sally had provided a huge picnic and I carried more water than I needed.  Good for training!

Less text, more photos today!

1. “Improving” a nice forest path In France, just above St-Gingolph
2. Dent de Vélan.  The frontier runs right through the middle of these pinnacles
3. Les Cornettes de Bise.  Summit cross and boundary stone
4. Young ibex

IMG_7019C IMG_7020C IMG_7026C IMG_7027ZC