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The White Horse and the Emosson dam

June 26th

Start:  Bivouac hut Vallon de Tenneverge; finish: Emosson dam wall
Distance: 16 km (11,5 km along the frontier)
Walking time: 9 hours 45 minutes (plus 1 hour for the stops)
Vertical distance:  1650 m uphill, 1520 m downhill

Main summit: Le Cheval Blanc, 2831 m

It took us 2 hours to get back to the frontier at the Col de Tenneverge, but the night was more comfortable than sleeping out with no special equipment.  The next peak – Les Taureaux – had all its ledges so covered in snow that Victor did not want to attempt it.  To get around it, we had to descend almost to the level of Lake Emosson, then go up a road to a restaurant below the Vieux Emosson dam wall, which has just been raised by some 15 metres.  Vieux Emosson was completely dry and the whole place a huge building site.  New tunnels were being dug everywhere.  A new path, partly covered in soft snow, led us to the top of Le Cheval Blanc.  More stupendous views.  On getting down again, we learned that the road to and over the main Emosson dam wall was closed to pedestrians up to 6 p.m. because of the heavy building site traffic.  There was no alternative but to take a free shuttle bus that had been laid on for walkers.  We were met at the other end by my son Roger and grandson Neil who took us down to the valley.  Goodbye to Victor, an excellent guide and companion for 3 days.

Unstable snow bridge over a raging stream

IMG_7049C IMG_7050C

Rupert and Victor at the end of a long day