Daily Archives: 28 June 2015

A short linking stage

June 28th

Start:  Emosson dam; finish: Col de Balme (2204 m)
Distance: 16,5 km (8 km along the frontier)
Walking time: 4 hours 50 minutes
Vertical distance:  1260 m uphill, 1020 m downhill

After spending easily 15 minutes to find the beginning of the path, because of the building work on the dam , I go down smoothly to Le Châtelard.  There, everything is fenced around the power plant and water basins, forcing me to do a lot of detours.  Once at the Col de Balme, I take the chairlift down.  Tomorrow, I can then go up some 1000 m in the chairlift with the new guide, Graham, and all our equipment.  A great saving of energy!

Stop press!  Sally broke her wrist this evening, will be operated Monday 29th, so out of action as regards car driving.