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Bosco / Gurin

July 28th

Itinerary:  Rifugio Piano delle Creste – Colle Crosa – Pizzo Cazzòla (2756 m) – Capanna Grossalp (Bosco / Gurin)

Distance:  13,0 km
Time:  8 hours 15 minutes (including 45 minutes for stops)
Vertical distance:  990 m uphill;  1190 m downhill

The endless boulder fields got me in the end!  Somehow I injured my left knee and the last hour or so down to the hut were slow and painful.

Nona met us at the hut.  She had brought my car (and the two-seater kayak) round from Airolo to Bosco / Gurin and walked the 700 m height difference to the hut with food for us.

Bosco / Gurin is a German-speaking enclave in Ticino.  They speak an upper Valais dialect.


In a boulder field