Daily Archives: 7 September 2015

Giving up on Piz Palü

September 7th

At 4h00 I had to tell the guide I would have to give up – I slept very badly and felt weak and lethargic, even having trouble climbing stairs.  I drank tea and we agreed to meet again at 7h00 for a second breakfast.  Then we took the first cabin down at 8:30.  It was a beautiful day. Pity!  Went to the guides’ office and gave them a lot of money.  I ended up at Ursulina’s (Fritz was absent) and she immediately took me to a doctor.  After a thorough examination and several tests the lady diagnosed a kidney infection and prescribed an antibiotic and rest. I slept all afternoon, swallowed some soup (still no appetite) and went to bed early.