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Arrivederci Italia!

November 4th


First part:  circuit Reschner Alm (2020 m) – pt. 2745 m above the Grubenjoch – Piz Lad (2808 m) – pt. 2784 – Dreiländerpunkt (triple point Switzerland-Italy-Austria, 2180 m) – Reschner Alm

Distance: 12,6 km
Time:  4 hours 40 minutes (plus 30 minutes for the stops)
Vertical distance: 960 m uphill and down again

Second part:  descent from the Reschner Alm to the main road, so that Sally doesn’t have to drive up a narrow untarred road a second time

Distance:  3,2 km; time: 35 minutes;  vertical distance: 230 m downhill

Good weather in the morning, overcast in the afternoon.  Fairly easy climb on a good path, some snowy stretches higher up, that I could avoid on steep grass.  On the way down, I took a shortcut to reach the Dreiländerpunkt more quickly – traverses of fairly steep snow slopes – luckily there were tracks of a person who had done the same path 1 or 2 days before!

This day’s hike marks the end of the border with Italy, with 744 km the longest border between Switzerland and a neighbouring country.  In these 744 km there were the highest point and the lowest point of the border (Grenzgipfel and Lago Maggiore), the most southerly and the most easterly points, and all the 4000-metre peaks!

Night: Garni Pensiun Plaz, Sent


1. View from pt. 2784 to the  Reschensee / Lago di Rèsia
2-4. Limestone boulder used as frontier stone: triple point Switzerland-Italy-Austria.

IMG_7335C IMG_7336C
IMG_7337C IMG_7338C