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Around the eastern part of the canton of Schaffhausen

June 22nd

Itinerary: Customs post Stein am Rhein / Öhningen (D) – Customs post Ramsen – Spiesshof – Rauhenberg – Bridge over the Rhine at Diessenhofen

Distance:  34,1 km (on foot)
Time:  7 hours 30 minutes (plus 45 minutes for the stops)
Vertical distance:  655 m uphill; 675 m downhill

Sunny and warm. Alternation of forests and cultivated fields. In the forests the only good tracks were marked and generally led from one village or farm to another, but did not usually follow the border, which gave orientation problems and adventures in undergrowth and swampy areas.

In the fields, one had to keep to small agricultural roads, which gave a lot of tedious zigzags to stay near the border, which moreover often passed through cultivated fields. Many tractors at work, with farmers taking advantage of the sun.


1. Forest path and boundary stone
2. Boundary stone near Gottmadingen (D)
3. View of Ramsen

IMG_0250C IMG_0266ZC IMG_8523C