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July 6th

Itinerary:  Schlappin – Carnäira Joch – Hinterberg, 2682 m – Valzifenzer Joch – Schlappiner Joch – Schlappin

Distance:  22,3 km
Time:  6 hours 55 minutes (plus 1 hour 35 for the stops)
Vertical distance:  1610 m uphill and downhill

I left the very nice Berggasthaus Erika in Schlappin at 5 past 8 a.m.  The start was some 6 km of a gravel road up the valley.  I did not want to do this in mountain boots so walked in running shoes and put the boots and spare socks in my rucksack.  In the end this worked well – the shoes got wet in a grassy meadow and I was able to put on dry socks with the boots at the first col.  The Hinterberg was the only summit in the area I could do safely, going up steep grass and scree on the south side.  All other summits were either too rocky or only accessible up steep snow slopes,

Weather:  more cloud than sun, some cold wind (the forecast was sunny).

Before supper, I collected Christoph Brändle from Klosters Dorf station.  He accompanied me for day last year and will now be a good companion for the next few days.


1.  Kübliser Alp
2.  Selfie at Col Carnäira
3.  and 4.  Conversion of a path into a mountain bike highway

IMG_8599C IMG_8601C IMG_8605C IMG_8606C