Sally Roschnik


My ever faithful wife encouraged me the whole time and helped with transport and accommodation up to June 28th and from September 9th onwards.

Neil Cointet


Our grandson Neil was very helpful with kayaks and map-reading until July 15, when he had to return to England to organise his studies. He was our main photographer during this period and launched a Facebook page on my adventure (The Swiss Perimeter 2015).

Roger Roschnik


Our son Roger was in the background all the time, gave encouragement and support, and helped with transport.  He lent me several items of equipment, notably the bicycle.

Nona Rowat


Peter’s wife, supported us by moving the car to the next meeting point, from July 24th to August 12th.  She had to learn to drive up narrow mountain roads with hairpin bends, and managed very well.  She climbed up to several mountain huts in order to be with us in the evening and bring up food supplies.