Daily Archives: 21 August 2015

At the hospital – good news

August 20th and 21st

I went to the main hospital in Lausanne (CHUV – Centre hospitalier universitaire vaudois) at lunch time on Thursday 20th, to the Emergencies section and was soon put in contact with the facial surgery department, who could not confirm an appointment but would call me back.  Late afternoon I got a message asking me to report at  8.15 the next day.

This I did and to my great surprise was very quickly being received by a lady doctor in the facial surgery department.  After a few tests she confirmed that I had no functional disorder and that there would be no need to operate.  The fractures were “normal” for this type of accident and were not misaligned.  But she wanted to see me again in a week (Friday 28th) when all the swellings had gone down.  My family doctor should take out the stitches around Wednesday.

Conclusion:  I will rest and eat a lot the next few days and will try to continue the circuit as from August 29th, weather permitting.