A short day 4

July 29th

Itinerary:  Grossalp to Cimalmotto

Distance:  9,4 km
Time:  3 hours
Vertical distance:  420 m uphill;  890 m downhill

Peter and Nona walked down to Bosco / Gurin for a good buffet breakfast in the hotel (Nona had done this yesterday).  I could not walk down so went by chairlift at 8.30 a.m.  No pharmacy in the village but managed to get some ibufren off the hotel first aid box, also a bandage from the minute local Coop.  Used wi-fi to partially update website blog.

Weather:  windy and rainy most of the day.  This and the state of my knee precluded any summit attempts.

At midday Peter and I took the chairlift back to the hut, collected our things and walked over the Quadrella Pass to Cimalmotto where we had reserved accommodation.  Nona went there by car.  My knee – bandaged – held out quite well.

Night: Munt la Reita agroturismo, Cimalmotto

4 thoughts on “A short day

  • Jeanette Klappert

    Hello Rupert
    Just wanted to congratulate you on your amazing exploits! I’m enjoying reading your blog and following your adventures, and the photo in the paper today was spectacular!
    i hope your knee injury isn’t too serious and you’ll be back on your next stage soon, well fed and rested.
    Very best wishes to you

  • David L.

    The knee must worry you – something to do with the op. you had in ’06/7, or was that hip? I forget.

    At a rough guess, it looks as if the half-way mark comes somewhere not too far N. of Lugano, whereupon you’ll be able to regard the rest as the ‘homeward stretch’!

    Keep going & continuing good luck to you!

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