Happy birthday! 2

August 13th

Part 1.  Breakfast 6h30, off at 7h10, descent to Cama.  5,2 km; 930 m downhill.  Time:  1 hour 45 minutes (hut warden said 2 hours maximum, signpost said 2 hours 30).

Part 2.  Post bus to just before Bellinzona, where Peter and I found the car after some phone calls.  Drove over San Bernardino pass (tunnel) to Splügen and on to Splügen Pass.

Part 3.  Started up to Pizzo Tambo (3279 m) at 12.00 noon.  4,5 km; 1100 m uphill (and down again).  Time:  2 hours 20 minutes up (plus 20 minutes resting), 1 hour 55 minutes down.  Peter turned back about half way up (altitude?)

Part 4.  On arrival back at the pass, met by Sally and Roger, with a bottle of Prosecco and a birthday cake!  They had driven over especially from home to celebrate with me.  Later, we all (with Peter) had dinner together at the Hotel Suretta in Splügen (where we also spent the night). Yum, yum!

2 thoughts on “Happy birthday!

  • Porchet Marie-Therese

    Bravo Rupert !!! Continue comme ça !
    A bientôt à la gym !!! Reviens – nous en bonne santé . Salutation à Sally
    Marie- Thérèse

  • David L.

    Many belated happies! You surely must by now be on or near the ‘return’ leg of the Grand Trek.

    Wishing you continued good luck & good weather,

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