Piz Chavalatsch! 3

October 24th

This is a very special summit because it is the easternmost point of Switzerland and had to be done!

Another beautiful sunny day.  I managed the summit in good time, using snowshoes again, they were invaluable.  The two previous days I had met not a single person during the hike, today just 2 people at the summit; they had come up a different way from a mountain hut.

Itinerary:  start at 8 a.m. at 1500 m above Müstair – Piz Chavalatsch (2763 m) – down on Italian side via Rifair Scharte – customs post between Müstair and Taufers.

Distance: 15,0 km
Time:  6 hours 55 minutes (plus 1 hour 10 minutes for the stops)
Vertical distance:  1280 m uphill;  1530 m downhill

Tomorrow (end of summer time!) we return home for a week of babysitting.  If the weather is good early November, I may be able to do another frontier section, otherwise I (and my dear readers) will have to wait until next  year!

Night: Chasa Chalavaina, Müstair


1. Piz Chavalatsch summit cross
2. Signs on the cross
3. View of Müstair from summit, 1500 m lower down
4. Frontier stone at Müstair customs post

IMG_7306C IMG_7309C IMG_7307C IMG_7311C

3 thoughts on “Piz Chavalatsch!

  • Peter Rowat

    Congratulations Rupert, on getting this far.
    I hope you get some good weather for further travels.
    — Peter

  • Melinda

    Bravo Rupert!!!cest génial et les photos sont super belles, merci:)on peut aussi etre lá avec Vous un peu:)bon repos et bonne continuation!

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