Car journeys 1

August 19th

Yesterday Peter walked back to Bondo but got tired, then benighted and took a couple of falls – not serious – and reached the car at 1 a.m. this morning!  Later, he drove to Fritz Hagmann’s place in Pontresina, arriving around 11 a.m.  Meanwhile Roger left Grandvaux at 5.30 a.m. and arrived in Pontresina just after Peter.

A nice lunch with Fritz and Ursulina, then Roger drove Peter and me back home – over 11 hours driving, a great effort, not to mention the day off work.

Peter will take the train to Milan tomorrow to be ready to fly back to the USA on Friday.

One thought on “Car journeys

  • David Leishman

    First, your being out of hospital is the best news, even if on the way home; but I think I know you well enough, your not given to love of grandiloquent gestures, hubris or an irrational belief in a God-given right to ‘complete the course’, to imagine you must be disappointed but at the same time you set yourself a challenge & achieved a still incredible feat for your age, in hiking continuously half the way round Suisse: perhaps the rest next year after a good rest? Harry congratters!!

    Does this mean we are more likely to see you for one or other, or both, of the 2 f/coming METHS meets next month? I do so hope so! Tell me if I can assist with booking into Hawes for the AWC – I managed to get a friend of Esther Ratsma’s into The Old Board, next door to Fountain, just a fortnight ago, thanks to a cancellation.


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