Better, but still medical problems 6

September 10th

Sally came by train last night and was able to visit me twice yesterday, a lovely surprise!  Many, many thanks to Fritz and Ursulina who have been a great help to me and Sally over the last few days, also to all those who have sent me messages of encouragement, all much appreciated!

Without going into too much detail: yesterday’s interventions were very successful – the fever has gone, my appetite has returned and I feel fine.  I can go home tomorrow.

But I still have to see another specialist next Monday to discuss further treatments.  And it is not clear if I can finish the circuit this year or even continue a little later this year, for medical or weather reasons.

6 thoughts on “Better, but still medical problems

  • Patrick and Angela Kidner

    Welcome news at last Rupert and we hope the specialist on Monday will also be helpful. You were much in our thoughts during three wonderful days in Bellisimi and we wish you all the very best in deciding whether or not you can continue the trek in the next few weeks. Bonne chance!
    Patrick and Angela XX

  • Claudia Hischenhuber

    Ich halte die Daumen, dass Du wieder topfit wirst und, dass Du dieses oder nächstes Jahr Deinen Traum verwirklichen kannst. Alles Gute

  • Jamie Howard

    I have been following your adventures with great interest and admiration. I do hope you get back to full fighting fitness again very soon and can continue your amazing adventure.
    very best wishes

  • Raymond

    Salut Rupert, soignes-toi bien ! Ce que tu as parcouru est déjà incroyable, avec une météo inespérée durant juin et juillet !
    Prends du repos, la frontière ne va pas se déplacer et tu pourras repartir de plus belle !

  • Elvire Fontannaz

    Rupert, bien le boujour,
    De tout cœur, je te souhaite un rapide et complet rétablissement et un bon moral. Un petit clin d’œil cependant au cas où…”Le meilleur qu’on puisse ramener du voyage, c’est soi-même, sain et sauf.”
    (proverbe persan)
    avec mon amitié à ta merveilleuse Sally et à toi-même,
    Elvire & Co

  • Stuart S.


    Wishing you a rapid recovery and that you will soon be back in full health and strength.

    May the weather too be on your side

    Stuart & Sandra

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