The Upper Rhine and Lake Constance 1

June 20th

First part:   Liechtenstein-Switzerland border on the Rhine near Sargans up to the Old Rhine near St. Margrethen, by bicycle with my son Roger

Distance: 56, 5 km
Time:  3 hours 20 minutes, almost without stopping

Second part:  The Old Rhine near St. Margrethen to Romanshorn on Lake Constance, in the 2-seater kayak with my son Roger

Distance:  27,8 km
Time:  4 hours 15 minutes

We start cycling beside the Rhine from where the border with Liechtenstein begins. Dreary weather, with a few drops of rain, but improving gradually as we move towards the north. Pleasant cycling, mainly on paved tracks. The level of the Rhine here was 2-3 meters higher last Friday; lots of drift wood (tree trunks, etc.) on the banks.

Well before noon, we meet Sally near St. Margrethen and change the bicycles for the kayak. Here on the Old Rhine there was some current the first kilometres, then you had to paddle. An awkward passage where a tree had fallen across the river, causing a “dam” of other debris (see photo). Arriving at the mouth of the Old Rhine (where there is a large marina), we head directly to Romanshorn, still fifteen kilometres away.


1.  Boundary stone beside the Rhine
2.  Drift wood on the river bank
3.  On the Old Rhine
4. and 5. Obstacle!

IMG_0531C IMG_8515C Alter Rhein 1 Alter Rhein 2 Roger04C


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  • Tardy

    Merci de nous faire rêver avec votre super-périple sur notre frontière nationale…. Une magnifique performance ! Bravo ! Amicalement

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