Hilly country + heat wave = a very tiring day

June 23rd

Itinerary:  Bridge on the Rhine at Diessenhofen – Thayngen – Schwarzenstein – Hoher Randen – customs post Schleitheim

Distance:  71,3 km, by bicycle
Time:  6 hours 45 minutes (plus 1 hour for the stops and 1 hour for the midday break with Sally at Opfertshofen)
Vertical distance:  1220 m uphill;  1160 m downhill

I took roads and tracks close to the border while avoiding unmarked forest paths as far as possible.  As yesterday, many paths marked on the maps and in my GPS could not be found in the field or were covered with vegetation (stinging nettles, brambles, etc).   And up and down the whole time:  not only is the countryside very hilly but in addition the border is very irregular.  It was very hot, I got tired towards the end and had to push the bicycle more and more even on gentle climbs.  (It was not a mountain bike but Sally’s bicycle, i.e. a ladies bicycle, but with good broad tyres,)

The highlight of the day was reaching the northernmost point of Switzerland, the Schwarzenstein, 821 m above sea level.  Later, coming down the Hoher Randen lost me a lot of time.  The forest road that I chose became very muddy, had been churned up by tractors and was covered in debris left by the foresters.  It was almost impassable!

Night in the pleasant hotel Rebstock in Stühlingen in Germany


1. and 2. Schwarzenstein, notice board and boundary stone
3. A forest path well ploughed up by tractors!

IMG_8528C IMG_8529C IMG_8531C