Schesaplana 1

July 10th

Itinerary:  Douglass Hut (Lünersee) – Totalp Hut – Schesaplana, 2964 m – Gamsluggen – Schesaplana Hut

Distance:  14,3 km
Time:  5 hours 10 minutes (plus 1 hour 40 for the stops)
Vertical distance:  1120 m uphill; 1170 m downhill

Fine weather.  Christoph had to leave us; Sally drove Walter and me to the Lünersee cable car.  The parking was more than full;  she could not leave the car anywhere close and so went down to Brand, where she was still able to see and listen to the alphorn players.

From the upper cable car station, Walter and I went up to the Totalp Hut for a drink, then climbed on to the Schesaplana, without any problems except for two short sections of steeper snow.  Beautiful views from the summit.  On the way down we turn off on a path that is well marked but often covered in snow, leading to the Gamsluggen.  Some chains help cross this somewhat tricky col.  Finally, we follow the Prättigauer high level path to the Schesaplana Hut where there is a happy atmosphere.  We eat outside facing the sunset – magnificent!


1. Walter at the Totalp Hut
2. On the Schesaplana
3. Gamsluggen

IMG_8670C IMG_8681C IMG_8684C

One thought on “Schesaplana

  • Paul Newby

    Glad to see you are back in action, Rupert.
    I hope your health is fully back in order too.
    Having just fallen out of my tiny cherry tree while attempting to harvest this year’s lamentably small crop, I also hope you avoid silly slips, hard gusts of wind and all other possible misfortunes, and that you eventually harvest your objective in full. I remember you from the CUMC circa 1963 but we have not frequently met in the meantime.

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