Naafkopf – Liechtenstein 1

July 11th

Itinerary:  Schesaplana Hut – Gross Furgga – Barthümeljoch – Pfälzer Hut – Naafkopf, 2570 m – Pfälzer Hut

Distance:  14,0 km (9,4 km to the hut, then 4,6 km to the Naafkopf there and back)
Time: 4 hours 50 minutes walking (3 hours 15 to the hut, plus 10 minutes for the stops, then lunch at the Pfälzer Hut before climbing the Naafkopf (1 hour 35 minutes there and back)
Vertical distance: 1100 m uphill; 900 m downhill

Good weather.  It was a fairly easy day.  Walter and I left the Schesaplana Hut at 8.10 a.m.  We went slowly but surely to the hut.  We had to cross countless snow fields and snowy gullies on the last section, including one fairly steep gully.  The Naafkopf was done without rucksacks;  splendid views from the summit.

The Naafkopf is the highest mountain in Liechtenstein, but shared, because it is also the triple point where Austria, Liechtenstein and Switzerland meet.

Tomorrow Walter and I will go down to the Rhine, which will complete the mountainous part of my circuit.  The weather forecast is bad.

Photo 1:  Pfälzer Hut

IMG_8692C IMG_8690C


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  • Peter

    Congratulations Rupert on completing the mountainous part!! It’s terrific! I only wish I could have joined you for far more of the perimieter. I hope the remaining distance to Basel goes easily.

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