Reached Lake Geneva 6

June 19th

Itinerary:  Perly customs post to Hermance
Total distance: 48,9 km by bicycle, of which about 1 km  pushing the bicycle on an awkward forest path
Time taken: 4 hours 20 minutes (plus 20 minutes for a beer)
Vertical distance: 280 m uphill, 360 m downhill

We overslept!  When I looked at my watch it was already 9.10 a.m.  We obviously needed the sleep.  This was an important day for the logistics.  Grandson Natan, Neil’s elder brother, arrived last night and was collected from Geneva airport.  This morning I was taken to the Perly – St-Julien frontier post and left with the bicycle and a sandwich.  Then Sally and Natan drove home to leave the one-seater kayak and pick up the two-seater.  They then picked up Sonia, our daughter (and Natan’s mother) from Geneva station and drove to a resort near Hermance.  So all ready for tomorrow’s effort on Lake Geneva.  (Neil had the day off in Geneva city centre.)

I covered most of the complex frontier south of Geneva on a range of highways, roads, tracks and paths, almost always next to the frontier or very close to it.  The kayak crossing of the Arve river was not possible for logistical reasons.  I also gave up on wading up the Foron stream between Geneva and Annemasse – it hardly looked possible and would have taken too much time.  A very pleasant day, but I had to fight against a strong north wind (“la bise”) once out of the urban areas.

Night: Excellior Suites Grand Genève, Veigy-Foncenex (F)

6 thoughts on “Reached Lake Geneva

  • Urs

    Fantastic; now you can rest your feet for a couple of days. But then you might have to battle the bise! No break, I am afraid. From tomorrow onwards I will sit on my terrace and scan the lake with binoculars for a 2-seater kajak arriving at St.Gingolf. Good luck!
    On Swiss geography, my favorite at school: the easternmost spot in Ch is the Piz Chavalatsch in the Val Müstair; you will climb it in a few weeks time. Have a good rest and take your time, Urs.

  • Caz Sole

    Thinking about you on the Lake tomorrow Rupert!! (ROOPS! 🙂 🙂 🙂 !) Sending lots of love and looks like the weather is on your side 🙂 xxx

  • Denise

    What a perfect day to be on the lake in a kayak! Waiting for you to paddle past – although not sure I’d be able to see you! I would love to take a photo of you from our house! Good luck x

  • Yamini

    The McCabes have been keeping a daily lookout on your absolutely amazing adventure Rupert! I report your progress to my father-in-law in Newcastle daily too. What fantastic teamwork with Sally and Neil there behind you all the way. I am in complete awe of your determination and energy!! You’re a quarter of the way there, from what I can make out. We’ll be behind you in spirit all the way……

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