Challenge met successfully! 3

June 20th

Distance: 49,0 km by kayak
Time taken: 10 hours 10 minutes, of which 7 hours 55 in the kayak and 2 hours 15 minutes resting
Vertical distance:  0!

I was able to leave the beach at Hermance with Natan just before 8 a.m.  I immediately had a problem with my right shoulder, and could not pull too hard, probably the result of a bruise after a fall in the forest about 15 days ago (I stumbled). So we decided not to follow the border marked on the  maps but to take a more direct line on the French side, which gave us a gain of about  7-8 km. The whole day was painful for me; fortunately Natan (and Neil later) are lads with large biceps.  In fact they did easily 75% of the work and without them I would never have succeeded.

The weather was kind to us – ideal conditions in the morning, no more north wind and overcast, fairly sunny in the afternoon.  After 4 hours of paddling we came across Sally, Sonia and Neil by chance at a canteen beyond Thonon, on the old delta of the Dranse de Thonon.  Welcome pause and rest.  Then Neil took the place of Natan for the rest of the journey, my shoulder ever more painful.  Another coffee stop in Meillerie and we did the last 5 km in record time.

For dinner, perch fillets served in a creperie (!) in St-Gingolph, on the French side. They came from Poland!

Photo and video:
Rupert and Neil arriving at St-Gingolph

2015-06-20C St-Gingolph


3 thoughts on “Challenge met successfully!

  • Natalie family

    incredible – any chance of a break?
    good luck in the Chablais – we all know how much you love it

  • Urs

    Absolutely amazing, Rupert. Are you giving yourself a well deserved break before tackling the mountains of the Chablais? Amitiés and take your time, Urs

  • Natalie family

    Hello the A team, this is Nat, back from Mozambique and can’t believe you just did the whole lake in one day! Amazing, amazing. Thank good news for Natan and Neil! We would have loved to be there to welcome you but your are just going way way too fast! Big big hugs and take care of that shoulder. Xoxox

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